Reflections from the Executive Office

Families Foremost Family Support Center

The Families Foremost Family Support Center in Rockville, Maryland, closed at the end of June. Its final graduation party for the adult learners, parents of children from birth to age 3 (both generations served by all Family Support Centers) was, by all accounts, a celebration worthy of both the achievement of these parents and the work of the staff over 18 years.  Pictured here is the program’s director, Shari Waddy, receiving balloons from her staff.

Funding for this program will be transferred to a new sponsoring agency, Family Services, Inc., a well-known nonprofit in Montgomery County with a long history of serving families and children.  The orderly transition of sponsoring agencies and community-based programs is a unique feature of Maryland’s Family Support Center network, and, fortunately, a process that has occurred only a handful of times in the network’s 28 years.