Maryland’s Child Care Resource Network

Maryland’s Child Care Resource Network


Every community in Maryland is served by one of twelve regional Child Care Resource Centers (CCRCs).  Together, these Centers make up the Maryland Child Care Resource Network (MCCRN), which provides leadership and services designed to improve the quality, availability, and affordability of child care in communities across the state. The CCRCs that comprise the Network provide training opportunities and provide technical assistance to child care providers throughout Maryland. This innovative public-private partnership was initiated in 1989 and is administered by Maryland Family Network under a contract with the Maryland State Department of Education.

Child Care Resource Center Complaint Policy

Each Child Care Resource and Referral Center provides high quality service to their constituencies. In the event that you have concerns about an incident regarding some aspect of service at a regional Child Care Resource and Referral Center or feel that you were mistreated by a staff member, please contact the resource center involved. If you remain dissatisfied with the way the issue was handled by the regional resource center, please email or call us at 410.659.7701. As the Statewide Coordinating Entity, Maryland Family Network will investigate the issue and take appropriate action.