News From the Executive Office

Changing the World

A fascinating article about the Ford Foundation in the January 4, 2016, edition of The New Yorker got me thinking about MFN’s foundation funders who support our mission — MFN ensures that young children and their families have the resources to succeed. The profile of Ford by Larissa MacFarquahar begins with a comprehensive litany of the challenges to conquering inequality, and in our case, that means giving all Maryland children a great start in life.

The urge to change the world is normally thwarted by a near-insurmountable barricade of obstacles:  failure of imagination, failure of courage, bad governments, bad planning, incompetence, corruption, fecklessness, the laws of nations, the laws of physics, the weight of history, inertia of all sorts, psychological unsuitability on the part of the would-be changer, the resistance of people who would lose from the change, the resistance of people who would benefit from it, the seduction of activities other than world-changing, lack of practical knowledge, lack of political skill, and lack of money.

MFN’s private foundation funders, including Abell, Annie E. Casey, Baltimore Community, France-Merrick, Goldseker, Hirschhorn, Krieger, Rosenberg, Washington Area Women’s, Weinberg, and Wright Family, help us overcome the obstacle of lack of money by providing it so we can either support families through our networks or induce others – especially government – to do the right thing by the youngest children.

Even with money, it’s hard to make a difference, but what a privilege it is to try.