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Child Care:  Today’s Issue

MarylandStateHouseFatherhood, child abuse and neglect, children with disabilities, lead poisoning, welfare-to-work – numerous issues that touch our lives have had their moment in the spotlight and shuffle offstage, under addressed, unforgotten, and not untended by many of us!

One of the issues in the forefront today is child care.  See the recent New York Times editorial about its economic impact.

Also recently, hear an NPR discussion about the importance of child care to families and the gaps in our current system.

Not only is the national media full of articles and op-eds about the need to do something about child care quality, cost, and availability, but also Maryland’s General Assembly – the Joint Committee on Children, Youth, and Families – is holding four hearings on the subject (the next one is on September 7).

Readers should make sure their legislators, even if they aren’t on the Joint Committee, are aware of their concerns about child care.

Maryland General Assembly’s

Nancy J. King, Senate Chair (chosen by Senate President)
Ariana B. Kelly, House Chair (chosen by House Speaker)

Appointed by the House Speaker                            Appointed by the Senate President
Kathryn L. Afzali                                                                Gail H. Bates
Eric D. Ebersole                                                                   Joanne C. Benson
Tawanna P. Gaines                                                              Joan Carter Conway
Ana Sol Gutierrez                                                               Adelaide C. Eckardt
Antonio L. Hayes                                                                Bill Ferguson
Meagan C. Simonaire                                                         Michael J. Hough
Geraldine Valentino-Smith                                               Shirley Nathan-Pulliam
Alonzo T. Washington                                                        (Two vacancies)
Mary L. Washington