Compliance Referral Protocol

Once a provider has decided to seek technical assistance for an informal compliance issue, they should contact their local CCR&R. This is what will occur after the provider makes the referral.

  • Within 48 hours of receipt, the Technical Assistance Coordinator contacts the child care program and schedules the site visit.
  • The Technical Assistance Coordinator may need to obtain licensing information on the provider from the regional OCC regarding the childcare program.
  • The Technical Assistance Coordinator does initial site visit; assesses compliance issue at the site; creates a plan of action for achieving compliance and the anticipated time frame needed to complete the plan.
  • The Technical Assistance Coodinator continues to work with the provider until the plan of action is complete or the provider can no longer continue.

The technical assistance coordinator will follow up with the provider throughout and after the completion of the plan of action to ensure success of the services provided.