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Diapers and Depression

The connection between diapers and depression is not what you might be thinking.  A recent article in the Atlantic presents the findings of a study published in Pediatrics in 2013.  Researchers at the Yale School of Medicine found that not being able to afford diapers increases a mother’s stress level and weakens her confidence in the ability to parent.

Baby in diapers.The study concluded:

The results from this study provide evidence of the substantial prevalence of diaper need in low-income families. This study calls attention to the fact that an insufficient supply of diapers is not only a risk factor for poor infant and child health but also for maternal mental health, potentially diminishing maternal sense of competence and increasing maternal stress, which ultimately leads to potential negative impacts on child health and development. For families who are financially struggling, healthcare professionals and researchers should recognize not only food and housing but also diapers as basic needs.

Read the full report here.