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Brain and Learning Based Training

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Maryland Family Network is providing 2 hour webinars specifically for trainers to increase their understanding of adult learners, and improve their workshop techniques. MFN has scheduled three webinars, each two hours in length, to help both new and experienced trainers better understand adult learners and improve training techniques.

April 4, 2018 – Brain and Learning Based Training

Research is helping us better understand how the brain works, and the kinds of strategies and techniques that can help trainers better assist learners in their classes to understand and retain knowledge and skills. This webinar will give trainers tools and techniques to use in their planning and in their training sessions.

Successful participants will receive a 2 hour continued training certificate (applicable to MSDE Trainer Renewal requirements), as well as electronic access to materials. Each webinar is priced at $20. Registration for one or all of these webinars can be done by contacting Consuelo Dailey, cdailey@marylandfamilynetwork.org or by calling 410.659.7701 x 274. Information will be available on MFN’s website beginning January 30, 2018. www.marylandfamilynetwork.org/events/

Trainer Training Spring Summer 2018 LT

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