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make Room for daddy

Fatherhood is more of a priority for men than ever before. Find out what employers can do to strengthen families and the workplace at the same time.

Six Facts About American Fathers (Pew Research Center)
Updating the Organization MAN: An Examination of Involved Fathering in the Workplace (Academy of Management)

Same Sex 1.75

Same Sex. No Difference.

Children of same-sex parents are as healthy as the children of different-sex parents. Listen now for the latest research.

What We Know (Columbia Law School)
More Evidence Gay Parents Raise Well-Adjusted Kids (Healthy Day)
Lesbian and Gay Parenting (APA)

Langauage Learning 1.75

I’m Bilingual, Baby

Will simultaneously teaching two languages to your baby confuse her? Expert say the answer is nein, nee, niet, and no.

Bilingual Babies Learn Languages Faster Than Monolingual Babies (Science Daily)
A Guide to Raising Bilingual Children (CNN)

Encouragement 1.75

Praise vs. Encouragement

Do you know the difference between praise and encouragement? Listen and find out!

The Difference Between Praise and Encouragement (PBS Parents)
Encouragement Is More Effective Than Praise in Guiding Children’s Behavior (
Praise Vs. Encouragement—Examples (

Diaper Divide 1.75

The Diaper Divide

There is a diaper divide in America. But together we can wipe out this problem.

To contribute to Maryland Family Network’s No Child Wet Behind initiative, email Sarah Kelly ( or call at 443.873.5817.

The Diaper Divide (

Spare the Spanking 1.75

Spare the Spanking

Researchers from the Universities of Texas and Michigan found that sparking does much more harm than good. Listen now to learn more.

Spanking and Child Outcomes: Old Controversies and New Meta-Analyses (Journal of Family Psychology)
Disciplinary spanking increases childhood defiance and mental health issues (
Where We Stand: Spanking (American Academy of Pediatrics)

take a time out on time outs

Time-outs are a common discipline technique used by parents. But authors of the best-selling book, The Whole Brain Child say this method may do more harm than good. Listen now to learn more.

“Time-Outs” Are Hurting Your Child  (Time)
Why You Should Never Use Timeouts on Your Kids (PBS)

Tiny Teeth 1.75

Tiny Teeth

Early childhood cavities are the number one chronic disease affecting young children in America—even more common than asthma or hay fever. The Children’s Dental Health Project has ideas for how to change that.

Prevention starts early, improves lives, and saves money (Children’s Dental Health Project)
Children’s Oral Health (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)


what toys teach?

Just because the box says “educational” doesn’t mean it’s best for your baby. Listen now and learn more.

Electronic Baby Toys Associated with Decrease in Quality and Quantity of Language in Infants (Neuroscience News)

Men in Child Care 1.75.jpg

Make Way for Men

Most of the early care and education field is dominated by women. We’re grateful for the dedication they bring, but men can also be a huge asset during the early years. Listen now to learn how to attract more men to this important field of work.

Men in Early Childhood (Early Childhood News)
Male Voices in Early Childhood Education (NAEYC)

InvestNow 1.75

Invest Now, Save Later

New research from the Economic Policy Institute supports what Maryland Family Network has known for a long time — making public investments in early childhood care and education not only helps families make ends meet but would also provide a major boost to the State’s economy. Listen now and learn more.

It’s time for an ambitious national investment in America’s children (Economic Policy Institute)

New Baby Smell 1.75

That New Baby Smell!

There’s just something enchanting about that new baby smell. In fact, it is something biological that entices our olfactory and bonds us with babies.

The Reason Women Love the Smell of Newborn Babies (attn:)
Newborn Baby’s Smell is as Addictive as Drugs or Food: Study (Global News)

generational poverty and depression

Imagine raising children while living in poverty. Now imagine all of the challenges that go with it and struggling with depression too.

Parental Depression a Multigenerational Threat  (Child Trends)

Identifying Mental Health Problems in Young Children (Maryland Family Network)

Child day dreaming

great ideas

Maryland Family Network encourages creative approaches to help both child care professionals and families. These great ideas give kids a great start!

New Intervention Program Reduces Bullying in Early Childhood  (University of Buffalo)

Cursing Kids 1.75

Cursing Kids

What does a parent do when his young child takes up cursing? We’ve got advice you will swear by!

Handling Swearing and Cursing: A Guide for Parents (Child Development Institute)
When Young Children Use Profanity: How to Handle Cursing and Name Calling (Early Childhood News)
Why Kids Curse (NPR)

WIC Breastfeeding 1.75

Try Mother’s Milk!

Breastfeeding is good for baby and mother too! Try Mother’s Milk today!

Breast Feeding (
Tips for Breastfeeding Moms (WIC)

Trends 2016 1.75

Trends 2016

Trends in Child Care is Maryland Family Network’s signature publication which summarizes the critical components of child care—demand, supply, and cost—from 2011 to 2020. Download your copy now

Trends in Child Care 2016 (Maryland Family Network)

Worth Remembering 1.75

Worth Remembering

Strengthen your child’s memory while also creating a stronger bond with your child. Listen now.

The Long-term Benefits of Improving Your Toddler’s Memory Skills (Concordia University)
4 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Child’s Memory (
Napping May Boost Preschoolers’ Memory Skills (CBS News)

thankful 1.75

Raising Thankful Kids

Parents want to raise grateful children. There are many ways parents can nurture gratitude in children from an early age. Find out more.

Raising a Thankful Child (Zero to Three)
10 Ways to Raise a Grateful Kids (PBS)

Disparity in Diet 1.75

Disparity in Diet

Eating healthy can be expensive. Join us to ensure that all families have access to quality meal time options. Listen now

Why So Many Rich Kids Come to Enjoy the Taste of Healthier Foods (The Atlantic)
Nutrition and Children (
Child and Adult Care Food Program (

Unlicensed. unsafe. unfair.

Illegal child care is unlicensed, unsafe, and unfair to our children. Let’s work together to make child care safe, affordable, and accessible for all. We can’t afford not to.

LOCATE:  Child Care (Maryland Family Network)
Unlicensed Child Care: Cheaper. But at What Cost? (
Early Childhood Regulations (MSDE)

Depression 1.75

Early Childhood Mental Health

Depression in young children should be diagnosed and treated early to avoid long-lasting problems. Maryland Family Network’s Child Care Resource Network can help.

Identifying Mental Health Problems in Young Children (Maryland Family Network)
Technical Assistance for Children with Behavioral Issues (Maryland Family Network)
Early childhood depression alters the developing brain, Wash U study suggests (KWMU)
Early Childhood Depression Alters Brain Development (Washington University in St. Louis)

tragedy 1.75

Helping Kids Cope with Tragedy

Coping with tragedy is hard for people of any age. But there are ways we can help kids understand what’s happening without letting a sense of loss or fear overwhelm them.

Helping Children Cope with Crisis (Huffington Post)
Coping with Tragedies (NAEYC)
Helping Children Cope: Tips for Talking About Tragedy (Mayo Clinic)

Spatial. 1.75

Space Exploration

Young children who learn spatial reasoning skills before age five are likely to possess stronger math skills in elementary school. Spatial skills mastered early may also be a predictor of which children will pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. Listen now to learn more.

Steps to Help Foster a Preschooler’s Spatial Reasoning Skills (KQED)
Playing With Puzzles and Blocks Could Build Children’s Spatial Skills (Association for Psychological Science)

more exercise, less screen time

Do you wonder how much today’s electronic revolution is impacting the way our kids think and act? A lot, it turns out.

Zero to Eight: Children’s Media Use in America (Common Sense Media)
What you need to know about babies, toddlers, and screen time (NPR)
Media and Children (American Academy of Pediatrics)

Music is Fun 1.75

music is fun – and beneficial to a child’s development

Music is a constant source of joy – whether singing in the shower or dancing to the radio in the kitchen. But did you know that music can also promote a child’s social, emotional, and cognitive development? Listen now and find our more.

How Playing Music Affects the Developing Brain (WBUR)
Music Therapy (Child in Mind)


Keeping Babies Safe in Winter and all Year

Did you know that newborn babies are at an increased risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome during the winter months? Learn how to protect your baby.

Safe to Sleep (National Institutes of Health)
Tips to Keep Your Baby Healthy and Safe (First Candle)

Guns 2 1.75

Guns and Our Children

More children die in our country from guns than from cancer, pneumonia, or HIV. It must stop. Listen now.

Protect Children, Not Guns (Children’s Defense Fund)
Children and Gun Violence (Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence)

Medal 1.75

You deserve a medal!

What if we told you that a toddler might be able to go toe-to-toe against a heavy weight champ, a Tour de France cyclist, or a long distance runner? Listen now and be prepared to be amazed!

Toddlers’ Constant Running Around Burns Equivalent to 83 Rounds in the Boxing Ring or an Entire Marathon Every Day (Daily Mail)
Physical Activities for Toddlers with Lots of Energy (Hands on As We Grow)

Baby Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is nearly here. We are thankful for all that has been accomplished on behalf of very young children and their families, as well as for all that is to come. What are you thankful for?

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