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Home Visiting Consortium

We work with parents and their young children – to set and achieve goals. These goals include healthy social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development for the young child as well as continued education and job readiness for parents.

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Maryland Child Care Resource Network

Every community in Maryland is served by one of thirteen regional Child Care Resource Centers (CCRCs).  Together, these Centers make up the Maryland Child Care Resource Network (MCCRN), which provides leadership and services designed to improve the quality, availability, and affordability of child care in communities across the State. The CCRCs that comprise the Network provide training opportunities and provide technical assistance to child care providers throughout Maryland.

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Strengthening Families Maryland

Strengthening Families is a national, research-based framework developed to prevent child abuse and neglect.

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Become an Advocate

Maryland Family Network Public Policy provides a voice for children and all those concerned with their well-being–-parents, child care providers, advocates, and community leaders. Through its strong public policy presence, MFN has helped to make Maryland one of the best states in the country for early education and child care.

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