news from the executive office

Margaret Williams Announces Retirement

After over 27 years at Friends of the Family and Maryland Family Network, I am looking forward to retiring at the end of this year. The Board of Directors of Maryland Family Network is launching a national search for my replacement. That information and position description will be posted to our website in the coming days so that you can direct interested individuals our way. This is a wonderful time for those of us in the fields of early care and education and family support as awareness of the importance of the early years is growing and the critical role of parents in the healthy development of the very young is gaining appreciation. I have so much enjoyed being in the thick of this revolution in Maryland not only because of the progress we’ve made but also, and especially, because of the creative, committed, capable, caring colleagues I’ve come to know. Thank you so much for your support!

This will be another momentous year for us, with an expansion in the Family Support Center network, improvements in the child care subsidy program, and initiation of changes recommended by the Kirwan Commission. I look forward to keeping you apprised of advances (and challenges, too).