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My Sister’s Place

I start every day with a shower and shampoo, clean clothes, and a good breakfast. Taking the time for all of this helps me feel presentable and ready to face the world. But for thousands of Baltimore’s homeless, a chance to bathe and wear clean clothes is a luxury.

My Sister's Place PresentationAs part of our annual Day of Caring, the staff of Maryland Family Network collected hundreds of toiletries, diapers, and other products to donate to My Sister’s Place, where those seeking help and a new start can get support, take a shower, and wash their clothes. My Sister’s Place is operated by Catholic Charities. It’s a refuge for families who live in shelters at night or make a home on the street.

In addition to meeting basic hygiene needs, My Sister’s Place serves 175 meals a day. The staff provide access to emergency financial help, offer housing assistance, give life skills training, and make available a safe place for children to play.

Through our network of Family Support Centers, we see that basic hygiene impacts a person’s feeling of self-worth and self-confidence. Clean clothes can give an exhausted mother the confidence to make a positive life change. Regular tooth brushing and bathing also have significant health benefits for children and adults alike. Cleanliness is not a luxury. It is a chance at a better future.

Visit My Sister’s Place to learn more about their work.