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Our Champion Ed Gold

This week was Maryland Family Network’s Annual Meeting and we celebrated the outstanding commitment of longtime friend and board member Ed Gold. He has stepped down from the Board after a long tenure. Ed served on the board since 1994 and as President from 1998 – 2002. Scott Phillips succeeded him as President and has offered to be a guest blogger this week to share his memories and fondness for Ed.

Ed Gold, Scott Phillips

Ed Gold and Scott Phillips

I was fortunate to be given an opportunity this week to talk about a person I met over 20 years ago. Ed Gold is a unique individual. We met volunteering for a wonderful organization that focuses on families with really young children. When we met, both of us had young children of our own. Ed committed himself to the work of the organization, raising money, and awareness. He became a role model for me in leveraging resources to help others. Along the way we became friends, we watched each other’s children grow into adults, we shared in family highs and lows. From Bar Mitzvahs to funerals, we were there.


Ed celebrates another golf tournament victory.

I was thinking this morning just how two people raised in different environments, with different religions could share the same values– life, love, family, community, and commitment. In our world today, we focus so much on differences– skin complexion, religion, sexual orientation– that we miss the commonality of man.

I salute Ed on twenty-one years of volunteer service to the babies and their families.

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Peace and Blessings,

N. Scott Phillips
Advocate and Advisor