Maryland Family Network’s Top Ten Legislative Priorities

Top Ten Legislative Priorities

MFN’s Public Policy Committee identifies ten priorities for each session of the Maryland General Assembly. These serve as the basis for deciding which issues will be raised and responded to during the General Assembly session and throughout the fiscal year. Listed below are the priorities for this year and last.

The reason that some issues remain on the top 10 priorities list from year to year and others come and go may be explained by a variety of factors, including the following:

(1) members of the Public Policy Committee recognize that significant progress has occurred on an issue during one year and less attention is needed the next year;

(2) other groups have assumed more responsibility for a specific issue area, requiring a less extensive investment of MFN time;

(3) particular issues receive significant national attention and press coverage which result in a groundswell of grassroots support;

(4) relevant crises occur in the state which warrant special attention;

(5) some issues are consistently of significant concern because of their fundamental importance to the child care community and mission of MFN; and

(6) some issues remain important because of the lack of progress over the years.

2015-2016 Legislative Priorities

1. Child Care Provider Compensation
2. Maryland’s Early Childhood Budget
3. Comprehensive Services for Children and Families
4. Child Care Subsidy Program
5. Quality Improvement Initiatives
6. Early Childhood Mental Health
7. Federal Early Childhood Funding and Policy
8. Infant/Toddler Care
9. Health, Safety and Nutrition
10. Pre-K Expansion

2014-2015 Legislative Priorities

  1. Child Care Provider Compensation
  2. Early Childhood Mental Health
  3. Maryland’s Early Childhood Budget
  4. Quality Improvement Initiatives
  5. Child Care Subsidy Program
  6. Federal Early Childhood Funding and Policies
  7. Comprehensive Services for Children and Families
  8. Pre-K Expansion
  9. Healthy, Safety, and Nutrition
  10. Infant/Toddler Care

For additional information about our legislative priorities, including more about the issues and a statement of MFN’s position, please download the 2015 Public Policy Handook.