Reflections From the Executive Office

Quality of Life Summit

Recently Maryland Nonprofits held a ½ day event called the Quality of Life Summit. The general idea was to inspire nonprofits, business, and government to think about changing how we’re trying to accomplish our missions because, over the last 50 years, we’ve made little progress. Perhaps the most provocative speaker, Gar Alperovitz from the University of Maryland, impressed the audience with his facts about real wages (practically no increase), the divide between the wealthy and everyone else (huge and getting bigger), and other dismal statistics, e.g. there are over 45 million Americans currently living below the poverty line.

Dr. Alperovitz is co-founder of the Democracy Collaborative, which works to support and publicize alternatives to corporate capitalism and state socialism, both of which have failed most families in the current age.  The Democracy Collaborative website asserts, “Today’s young people, of all races and national origins, increasingly recognize that if nothing changes they will likely be worse off than their parents were. Even as the elderly and the middle-aged begin to stir, there’s no stronger ally imaginable than a generation realizing that without a next system, they may not have a future.”