News from the Executive Office

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Steve Rohde, Deputy Director, Maryland Family Network

One of MFN’s Deputy Directors, Steve Rohde, lists his major accomplishments each week.  This week’s was impressive.  It may give you some insight into the inner workings of the State Coordinating Entity.  (Steve’s list is in bold; my comments follow.)

  1. SCE RFP Proposal completed and submitted to MSDE ahead of deadline.

Every three years, the State issues a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the State Coordinating Entity (SCE) for the network of Child Care Resource and Referral Centers (CCRCs).  It’s a huge undertaking – writing the proposal AND performing the work that results from a successful proposal!

  1. All CCRC RFP Proposals reviewed and read; materials prepped for review group. As the SCE, we are responsible for selecting operators for the CCRCs.  Because the contracts we have with the current CCRCs end on June 30, and because we want no time lag between contract periods, we have no time to waste in selecting the community-based organizations with whom we will partner in FY 2016 and beyond.  Even before the designation of the new SCE, we developed and advertised our own RFP for CCRC operators.  Our review group is comprised of third-party experts from Maryland.
  1. Southern Maryland CCRC RFP reissued.

MFN received no qualifying proposals for a CCRC operating agency for Southern Maryland (Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary’s Counties), so we are re-advertising.  Bids are due at the end of June.

  1. Continue developing plans for Shared Services focus groups. Shared Services is a concept developed by Early Learning Ventures ( and others.  It’s a strategy to help child care providers by pooling back-office supports and other services used by the child care community.  We are continuing our market research into the feasibility of such a venture in Maryland.
  1. Work on close-out procedure for CCRCs.  We know there will be at least one transition in the CCRC network this year because an existing operating agency did not submit a proposal.  We have not had a close out and transition to a new operator for a number of years, and we want to make sure we are covering all the bases.
  1. Feedback to _____ foundation about a proposal for _____.

We frequently are asked for input on proposals submitted by our community-based partners and others to foundations and corporations.  In this specific case, an analysis of a pro forma budget was required.