News from the Executive Office

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

The National Women’s Law Center is one of our major sources for accurate and timely news about early care and education policy at the federal level. Here’s what they’ve written about the tax cut that was signed into law today.

“Yesterday [Wednesday, December 20], the House officially passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and sent it to the President’s desk for his signature. While there is an increase in the Child Tax Credit, millions of working families get little or nothing from the increase and about 1 million immigrant children would no longer be eligible for the credit. Overall this is a tough loss for anyone who cares about children and families. Before the ink is even dry, President Trump, Speaker Ryan, and other House Republicans are already admitting how they plan to pay for their ill-conceived tax cuts – by slashing health care, SNAP, and other supports that help families make ends meet . . . We will now have to gear up for a fight to protect programs like SNAP, TANF, and Medicaid in 2018. Cuts and changes to all of these programs most definitely impact young children’s ability to succeed in their early learning programs.”