Training Overview

Maryland Family Network provides training and staff development for early childhood caregivers, Family Support Network staff, early childhood trainers, and others who work on behalf of young children and their families throughout the state of Maryland.

We incorporate a philosophy of respect in all of our training and staff development programs: respect for young children; respect for families served; and respect for participants in the training, whether professionals, para-professionals, or parents, for the wealth of knowledge and experience they bring to the training session. We believe that all participants in a training have something to offer to other group members and to the trainer. Our training and staff development activities include interaction, discussion, and an opportunity to share ideas or experiences.

Maryland Family Network embraces adult learning theory and applies it to our staff development events. Trainers are charged with using interactive and active learning approaches; incorporating opportunities to practice new skills whenever possible; using multimedia tools to provide information and engage learners; and offering hand-outs and other materials to provide a reference after the training event. The relationship that the trainer develops with training participants models the type of respectful, empowering, and supportive relationships that staff develop with young children and families. This parallel process between the principles of training and the principles of working with families is one factor that helps to make Maryland Family Network’s training programs so successful.

Interested in becoming an MSDE approved trainer to provide training and professional development for child care providers in Maryland? Learn more here.