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IMG_2993What a Two Can Do

Refer to himself by his first name rather than “I,” as in “Albie up, Mommy,” “Albie wants to play.” “Manna help Albie” and sometimes, “Alan help you,” meaning Alan, please help Albie (me).”

Feed himself with a fork or spoon.

Ask for a specific fork (the strawberry fork).

Drink from a cup with two hands. Ask for the cup he wants (“No, not that one, the red one!”)

Scoop out half an avocado with a spoon.

Warn people when he has to go peepee or poopie and get to the potty on time.

Pull his pants up and down.

Put on shoes with Velcro closures.

Ask for his rain boots or his snow boots, depending on his preference that day.

Ask for the coat he wants (“Not that one, the toggle jacket!”)

Talk to himself in his crib and get himself to sleep.

Speak in a small, high voice to indicate the voice of another creatures, like one of his stuffed animals or small figures that he calls “people.”

Name his stuffed animals and dolls (Owlbie, Mim, Lawrence, George, Baby Guillaume, Pooh, Babette, Ruth, and Dambert)

Call for someone (Mommy, Daddy, Manna) to get him out of the crib when he wakes up.

Address his younger brother as “Baby Solly.”

Recognize an “A” when he sees it – the first letter of his name.

Bounce rhythmically, first on one foot, then on another, (pretty much) in time to the music.

Twist the flashlight on so we can go on a dragon hunt.

Name simple shapes – triangle, circle, square, rectangle – and try for “quatrefoil” or “cruciform”

Sing ABCs up to G. Then comes Y and T and maybe E again.

Count up to 4 and then skip to 9 and then name random numbers.

Run to the window when he hears the possibility of heavy equipment, like a trash track.

Identify trucks by their proper names e.g. excavator, front loader, dump truck, crane, drill, fork lift.

Ask for all the names of the businesses that he passes as he walks or is strolled or driven down the street. “Names, Daddy! Daddy, Names!”

When you ask him what Daddy is planning to do this afternoon, he can respond, “Going to the Milton House (“mitten house”) with light fixtures.”

Laugh at jokes. One of his own that kept him laughing: “Daddy is a baddy.” [Because he didn’t eat all his dinner (because he had to go to work before it was served.)] One of his father’s that he thought was hilarious: Daddy said, as he invited the 2 year old to come to the changing table to get on diapers before his nap, “Please step into my office.” “Step into my office,” the 2 repeated, laughing uproariously each time.