Being a parent is hard. Thankfully, Maryland Family Network is here to help. These resources are great for first time parents and veterans alike.
Locate Child Care

Information For Parents

Many organizations provide a wealth of information and resources for parents. Click below for links that may be of interest.

Baby in moms hands

Child Care Regulations

Maryland has one of the best child care systems in the nation – thanks, in part, to our strong state regulations.

Tiny Feet

Lead In Toys or Homes

Over the past decade, millions of pieces of children’s jewelry, toys, furniture, clothing and child-related items have been recalled by the CPSC due to hazards presented by lead content or the use of lead-based paint.

Child Care

Child Illness and Child Care?

Help! Is my child too sick to go to child care today? These simple guidelines will help you decide.

Mental Health

Identifying Mental Health Problems

How do you know if a child's extreme behavior is developmentally appropriate or something else?