Alena Vanscoy

Alena Vanscoy
Cecil County Family Support Center

Alena Vanscoy is a mother of two girls — Kaylee is six and Gianna is just turned one-year-old. Alena first started attending the Cecil County Family Support Center when her oldest daughter was born.

“I started coming to GED classes two or three times a week. Within three months of coming here, I got my GED! It happened quicker than I thought it was going to. Kaylee being able to stay here while I was at GED classes helped a ton,” Alena says.

Alena says she is a better parent now because of her time at the Cecil County Family Support Center.

“There were classes to figure out how you can handle certain situations better. I definitely got a lot out of that because when I had Kaylee I was sixteen and I was a naïve teenager who really didn’t know a lot about herself,” she says. “Now I have a lot more patience and I know how to react.”

Since earning her GED Alena has gone on to graduate from the Paul Mitchell School for Cosmetology.

“The Cecil County Family Support Center has been so much a part of my journey,” Alena adds. “I feel like without this place I wouldn’t be where I am today.”