As some point we will all need a Paid Family Leave policy to care for new babies, for aging parents, for loved ones with health needs or disabilities, or for helping ourselves.

Yet many Marylanders can’t take time to care because they lack paid family leave. Only 17% of U.S. workers have access to paid family leave and fewer than 40% have paid personal leave for short-term disabilities. Unpaid leave forces too many Americans–especially those whose needs are the greatest–to choose between income and family when illness strikes, when new babies arrive, or when the needs of a family member with a disability intensify. Nearly 25% of women, for example, take 10 or fewer days of parental leave, potentially putting themselves and their children at risk physically and emotionally.

Make Time to Care a Reality in Maryland

Legislation establishing a Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program would make paid leave available to Maryland workers for up to 12 weeks following the birth or adoption of a child, and when needed to provide care for a family member or oneself. The leave would be funded through an insurance pool, into which workers and their employers contribute. The proposed legislations is known as as HB 8 "Labor and Employment – Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program – Establishment (Time to Care Act of 2022). 

Learn more about efforts to support Paid Family Leave legislation and get involved by visiting Maryland Family Network has joined with other organizations to form a coalition determined to make Paid Family Leave a reality in Maryland.

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