Despite the COVID-19 pandemic making the day-to-day advocacy look a little different, we are nonetheless hard at work on a number of public policy issues of interest to those who care for and about young children. 

2021 Bills of Interest 

SB 211 / HB 375 "Labor and Employment - Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program - Establishment" aka The Time to Care Act of 2021

Learn more about how you can help pass Time to Care in Maryland.

HB 1307  "Child Care Centers and Youth Development Organizations and Programs (Support Youth Development for School–Age Children Act) 

HB 608 "Early Childhood Education – Child Care Provider Support Grant Program" aka The Child Care Provider Support Act 


HB 143 "Maryland Child Tax Credit”


SB 163 “Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Doulas” 


HB 404 “Vehicle Laws - Speed Monitoring Systems - Child Care Centers”


HB 776 "State Department of Education - Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Project - Study and Report"


SB 711 "Growing Family Child Care Opportunities Pilot Program – Established"

SB 134 "Civil Actions – Child Sexual Abuse – Definition and Statute of Limitations”


MSDE FY 2022 Budget