Parent Cafés & Virtual Parent Cafes

Being a parent or caregiver is wonderful – and it can be hard (really hard) sometimes. Parent Cafés are created by parents, for parents. They are a guided opportunity for you to step back from the day to day details of life and talk honestly about the joys and challenges of parenting. The conversations in a Parent Café are designed to promote well-being, strengthen families' protective factors, and help you get to know other parents. People who attend Parent Cafés (virtually or in-person) report feeling more connected and having new ideas about taking care of themselves and their families and being a parent.

When we say “parent,” we mean anyone who cares for a young child - parents, grandparents, caregivers, and family members.

MFN has no Parent Cafés  or related trainings available at this time. For information about future opportunities please contact our Training Department.