Maryland has one of the best child care systems in the nation – thanks, in part, to our strong state regulations.

If you are concerned about an aspect of your child care situation – the adult-to-child ratio, the staff training, or the health and safety procedures – you can check the Maryland regulations, where you will find specifications about many aspects of operation.

If you think a child care program is not in compliance with the regulations or your concern was not adequately addressed by the National Resource Center website, contact your local child care resource center (CCRC). The staff at the CCRC may advise you to contact the regional Office of Child Care.

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licensing and compliance

Individuals, corporations, schools, and others operating family or center-based child care programs must meet the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) Title 13A: chapter 1 for family child care homes and chapter 2 for child care centers. In addition to the initial inspections required to obtain a license or certificate, Maryland’s Office of Child Care (OCC) conducts site visits and periodic program inspections (announced and unannounced) to ensure that programs maintain the standards of child care expected of all providers in the state of Maryland.

Maryland Family Network is committed to keeping programs in business while enhancing the quality of care in our communities.

There are two types of licensing and compliance referrals: formal and informal. The purpose of licensing referrals is to provide technical assistance to child care providers so they can reach and maintain compliance.

formal referrals

Formal referrals come directly from the OCC. Licensing specialists perform periodic inspections of child care programs in their regions. If the specialist finds a program out of compliance in any areas, the specialist may issue a compliance agreement. The provider has the option of accepting or declining technical assistance. If the provider chooses to receive technical assistance, the specialist will then make a “formal” referral to the local Child Care Resource Center.

informal referrals

If a provider discovers a compliance issue in their program, they may opt to seek assistance by making what is called a “self referral.” A licensing specialist from OCC may also make the provider aware of a compliance violation in their program and “informally” refer them to receive technical assistance.

Once a provider has decided to seek technical assistance for an informal compliance issue, they should contact their local CCRN. Once the CCRC is contacted by the provider or licensing specialist, a coach will be assigned to provide support services. The coach will work with the program and licensing specialist, as appropriate, to identify the most appropriate training and coaching to support the program in achieving compliance. This process may consist of program visits, individual meetings, and training sessions in addition to the creation of goals and action plans. Support services are provided for as long as the program continues to participate in services or until the goals are achieved.