Caring in a Time of Pandemic

Caring in a Time of COVID 3

MFN's new report Caring in a Time of Pandemic: Will Maryland's Child Care Survive COVID-19? was released today. The report details the data gleaned from child care providers across the state via a survey conducted in January. The providers report that since March of 2020, their monthly expenses have increased on average $5,339 per location. This comes as a result of needing to purchase essential PPEs and other COVID related health and safety necessities. What’s more, as a result of lower enrollment caused by the virus, 79% of providers say they’ve experienced a financial loss due to COVID-19 (up from 67% in April of 2020). A whopping 49% of child care providers say they may close for good if help doesn’t arrive soon. These results indicate that there is a significant threat to Maryland's child care industry and to our overall economy.