MFN Awards Over $1.9 Million to Support Strong Families and Reduce Child Abuse and Neglect

A family's hands stacked on top of each other.

MFN Awards Over $1.9 Million to Support Strong Families and Reduce Child Maltreatment 

Maryland’s families are strong and resilient, despite many experiencing stressors associated with poverty and inequitable structures which then increase the likelihood of child maltreatment and involvement with the child welfare system. 

Maryland Family Network is pleased to announce funding awards totaling over $1.9 million to 12 community-based agencies across the state in an integrated, prevention focused initiative to reduce child abuse and neglect and increase public awareness about ways our community at large can contribute to supporting strong and healthy families.

Agencies receiving awards from MFN must develop and implement strategies for one or more of the following: 

  1. Concrete supports or Direct Financial Support – A parent’s financial difficulties can increase the risk of a child to experience maltreatment. We’re asking agencies to provide direct financial assistance or concrete supports to families which address economic hardships. Examples can include tactics to remedy a specific crisis such as paying for child care, securing stable housing, or help with reliable transportation. 
  2. Collaboration – When agencies work together to support families, the likelihood of a child experiencing maltreatment decreases. Agencies may use their funding to work with government, at any level, to implement a community-based project to strengthen families and reduce child abuse and neglect.  All grantees will include a focus on collaboration as part of their child abuse prevention strategy.  
  3. Education – Child abuse and neglect is often misunderstood and so are ways of preventing it. Award recipients may develop an innovative public awareness campaign to raise the profile of positive parenting strategies to promote healthy child development and reduce risks for child maltreatment in their communities. 

MFN selected the awardees based on a competitive application process and considered geographic locale, populations served, financial need, potential impact to disproportionality as it relates to children over-represented in the child welfare system, and other factors to ensure an equitable distribution of funds. The grantees and the amounts awarded are: 

  • CASH Campaign of Maryland, $112k 
  • The Frostburg State University Hub at USMH , $75k
  • Kingdom Kare Inc., $125k
  • Asian American/Life & Discovery, $150k
  • Allegany LMB, $250k
  • Mental Health Association of Maryland, $200k
  • Pathways Inc., $200k
  • Teachers Democracy Project, $75k
  • Family Tree, $200k
  • United Way of Central MD, $100k
  • Rise Early Learning and Family Support Center, $165k
  • Howard County Office of Children and Families, $50k
  • Child Resource Connect, $100k 

Funding is made possible from the Federal Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention (CBCAP) program, established by Title II of the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act Amendments.