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Maryland Family Network’s Family Support Centers help children learn and parents earn. Our Family Support Centers help over 3,000 parents a year finish their education, learn job readiness skills, build solid social networks, and improve their parenting skills. At the same time as their parents, very young children are in a state-of-the-art early care and education setting that helps them reach their greatest potential. 

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Maryland Family Network’s LOCATE:  Child Care helps families recognize quality care and find child care that meets their needs.

We also provide child care training and capacity building support to over 30,000 participants annually who are licensed to provide care for over 200,000 children. Through our Child Care Resource Network, we make sure these professionals tend not only to the health and safety needs of young children, but also to their social, emotional, and cognitive development.

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Through our strong advocacy and public policy presence, Maryland Family Network leads the charge for very young children and all those concerned with their well-being at the local, state and federal levels. Polls show that American voters want greater public investment in the quality and availability of early care and education.

Overwhelming research proves that such investments greatly benefit a child’s future, and the government’s bottom line. For every $1 of investment in early care and education there is a return of about $7.

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This is one of the ways good public policy is supposed to work: we find a promising idea, we pilot it, we collect and evaluate results, and when the results warrant, we build on that success. 

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Latest News

Maryland Family Network Releases annual report citing the cost, supply, and demand of care in Maryland.
Governor Wes Moore’s 2025 budget includes a combined $488 million to support the Maryland Child Care Scholarship Program (CCSP), making it Maryland’s largest ever investment in child care.
Philanthropist MacKenzie Scott has awarded Maryland Family Network (MFN) a grant of $2.5 million through her charitable organization, Yield Giving. Scott’s unrestricted gift will help MFN advance its mission of making Maryland the nation’s leader in early childhood care and education.
Maryland Family Network (MFN) announced the appointment of Beth Morrow as its Director of Public Policy. Morrow, who joined MFN in 2018 as Associate Director of Public Policy, has been instrumental in developing legislative strategy and engaging stakeholders.