Maryland Family Network’s 2022 Child Care Demographics report breaks down statewide information about demand, supply, and cost of child care in Maryland. This report is the only one of its kind in Maryland and informs policy makers, parents, and professionals about the latest data and trends in the field of child care. The 2022 Maryland Family Network Child Care Demographics includes reports for the entire State, for each of Maryland’s 23 counties, and the City of Baltimore. Please note: at the time of publication, 2020 U.S. Census data has not been made available. The most current Census data will be included in the 2023 Child Care Demographics. 

The Maryland Child Care Resource Network is a public/ private partnership designed to expand and improve child care delivery in Maryland. Maryland Family Network manages the Network and operates as its Statewide Coordinating Entity. This publication is produced as a work for hire for the benefit of, and with funds from, the Maryland State Department of Education.